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Ann Maree Pretti

Ann Maree Pretti
Property Manager

9607 6044

Ann Maree have been working for First National Pretti since 2010, orginally from the Fairfield Heights office she has been in property management for over 6 years, currently having a portfolio of over 170 properties.

Ann Maree believes that being a property manager comes with a great sense of responsibility to the ensure your clients trust and have faith in you to manage and maintain their investment. Ann Maree loves to help her clients and always provides an expemplary property mangement service.

One quote Ann Maree lives by 'It's not where you start, it's where you finish' at the end of the day you want to ensure your clients are happy with the job you have finalised for them and they believe you have done the best that you can do.

Ann Maree is an excellent choice when it comes to managing your most valuable asset.

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